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Scope of Services

  • Interior design as well as exterior consults

  • Concept development across all disciplines

  • Furniture and floor plan layouts interior and exterior

  • Ceiling designs and layouts

  • Plumbing, electrical and lighting layouts

  • Bespoke cabinetry and custom shopfitting

  • Finishes, fixtures and equipment (FF&E)

  • Interior decorating / curating and procurement

  • Soft furnishings and window dressing

  • Project management

  • Costing and estimates

Opulant apartment lounge
Master bedroom pendant lights

Design Approach

Phase 1: The Meeting

A meeting will be set up to take place on site, to determine what your needs and desires are. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words so it’s always nice to see some inspiration at this point as to what you have in mind.

Phase 2: Conceptualisation

A concept will be developed and then presented showing inspiration, ambiance and style of the space to be created.

Phase 3: Actualisation

At this point, after the conclusion of phase 2, this is where all the technical plans and detailed drawings are done as well as the actual finishes, fixtures, furniture and décor items sourced, specified and presented to you including an itemized quote.

Phase 4: Creation

All contractors are working to complete the site, all custom furniture pieces are being manufactured and all décor and furniture is getting ready to be delivered. Timelines are being checked and all is getting ready for phase 5.

Phase 5: Completion

As a result of phase 4, everything is now ready for final installation. Our team will now handle all the deliveries, placement of furniture and do all our final touches for hand over and give to you, your dream come true.

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